Nurses Say AMA Launching 'Turf War' Over Direct Patient Access

Posted about 1 year ago by Nursing Network Admin


Nurses across the U.S. are upset at new American Medical Association policy opposing efforts to allow advanced practice registered nurses to practice independently of a physician’s supervision.

The AMA opposes "the continual, nationwide efforts to grant independent practice . . . to non-physician practitioners” including advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), the nation's largest doctor group voted at last week's AMA policy-making House of Delegates interim meeting. The move is designed to intensify the AMA’s lobbying agenda through model legislation in Washington and state capitals “to initiate creation of a consistent national strategy.”

The development of a new AMA national lobbying strategy comes as APRNs are seeing states and branches of the federal government allow more direct access to patients without a physician’s supervision. A year ago, for example, the Department of Veterans Affairs granted veterans access to advanced practice registered nurses in a landmark decision. READ MORE