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This Memorial Day, Honor Nurses who served in World War II

Posted 13 days ago

Memorial Day is our nation’s way of honoring and celebrating veterans who passed away while serving our country. We must always recognize the sacrifice that these heroes made to uphold the freedom and values which make our country great.

And yet, a significant number of veterans from World War II are unable to be properly celebrated. The U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps served in World War II and are the only uniformed corps members from that war who have yet to be recognized as veterans.

The United States Cadet Nurse Corps Service Recognition Act (H.R. 2568/S. 1220) would properly honor the over 120,000 brave souls who fought side by side with our soldiers during those dark years. Send your letter today >>

If you’ve known a nurse cadet, or had family who served, please share their story today and tell your members of Congress to pass this long-overdue legislation today.

Thank you for choosing to honor our brave nurse cadets and we hope you have a lovely and thoughtful weekend.
Brian Davis
Grassroots Advocacy Coordinator
American Nurses Association